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Great article on the comparison between the top 3 UI Frameworks #angular #react and #vue. Below is my notes/research on the same.

The best testing architecture depends on the right combination of tools, and automation on each layer of n-tier architecture. Below are some top javascript testing tools and I'd recommend checking out the Visual Regression Testing,…

Looking forward to #consensus2021 and talks from @garyvee, Michael Saylor, and many other key #blockchain aficionados on Blockchain and the future.

Serverless technology (FaaS) may not be cost-effective all the time especially for flat loads (non-peak loads).
Scenario: 3,000,000 requests per month. Each request takes 500 msec to process.
Serverless: Lambda with 4 GB memory: $100.6/month
AWS EC2 with…

Great presentation from Chris Richardson on #microservicesarchitecture

Why Microservices is not a "micro" service but represents an application architecture and how it efficiently addresses deployability, testability, and maintai…

Spring Conference is online this year and free to attend. Register to know more about Spring Framework and how it can help with Legacy Modernization of #Java applications.
#springframework #cloud7works

Legacy modernization mapping from on-premise systems to AWS Cloud PAAS/IAAS Options.

#cloud #aws Cloud7Works

A list of technical papers that I find very interesting. The last one especially by Gavid Wood is impressive as it addresses the state of the art architecture in terms of complexity, scalability, and governance in the Blockchain e…

Interesting, new, powerful, messaging/streaming technology #pulsar. Sign up link for the conference if you want to learn more.

Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) architecture, an interesting way to connect using Kafka, Akka, Kubernetes, and SQL/No-SQL databases.
More details at the below link:
#kubernetes #docker #kafka #architectures

Terraform, Packer, Docker, and Kubernetes - what can you do with 4 of these? Create a multi-cloud, Immutable, Agentless, and Masterless DevOps pipeline that takes care of configuration management, provisioning, and orchestration fr…

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