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This framework enables you to streamline and modernize the current software portfolio in anticipation of cloud migration.

We will be at the: "OSDBU 2019 Getting Back 2 Business" Small Business Outreach Event - Maryland

“During his time at Walmart, Yiannas led a proof of concept demonstration where the company was able to scan a package of mangoes and identify its source within two seconds. Under the previous paper-based system, it could’ve taken…

We will be at "2019 Loudoun Small Business Conference". See you at our Booth? via @Eventbrite

Our first booth at the AFCEA DHS Conference partnering with Roccomar Hilda Gigioli. Thanks to Elizabeth Moon and @katiehelwig1. #afcea #dhs #cloud7works

Just submitted proposal for GSA Cloud Adoption RFQ under Technology Transformation Services. #gsa #cloud7works

We will be at "DOT's Paving the Road for Women Owned Small Business in Federal Contracting". See you there? via @Eventbrite

Great deep dive from @joejoyce at Microsoft on Azure Active Directory and possible integrations to on-premises AD. #activedirectory #microsoftazure #integration #cloud7works

Quite impressed with Azure DevOps. Visual deployment, blessed build process for data governance, solid integrations, triggers for manual/automated verifications/ deployments and Azure cloud shell - shell access on cloud with pre-deployed azure cli, cloud…

Scalability at #aes Western Digital HDD Simulation at Cloud Scale – 2.5 Million HPC Tasks, 40K EC2 Spot Instances @awscloud @westerndigital #hpc

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