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A list of technical papers that I find very interesting. The last one especially by Gavid Wood is impressive as it addresses the state of the art architecture in terms of complexity, scalability, and governance in the Blockchain e…

Interesting, new, powerful, messaging/streaming technology #pulsar. Sign up link for the conference if you want to learn more.

Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) architecture, an interesting way to connect using Kafka, Akka, Kubernetes, and SQL/No-SQL databases.
More details at the below link:
#kubernetes #docker #kafka #architectures

Terraform, Packer, Docker, and Kubernetes - what can you do with 4 of these? Create a multi-cloud, Immutable, Agentless, and Masterless DevOps pipeline that takes care of configuration management, provisioning, and orchestration fr…

Azure migrate is a newer service and has the capability to discover 1500 VM's at one shot!!

Amazon Comprehend Medical is quite powerful. It can take unstructured medical notes and convert them into insights that can be useful for research and analysis. #aws #unstructured

Great article by #aws on IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Migration to AWS RedShift. Applying every bit of it to our current Data Warehouse cloud migration project.

A couple of things to note, RedShift and Netezza both are built on Post…

July 1999 - In this 20 year old video on Internet with Jeff Bezos, Jeff strongly believes that there would be a lot of successful companies that would be born from the Internet and would have large market caps and it's very hard to…

This framework enables you to streamline and modernize the current software portfolio in anticipation of cloud migration.

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