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July 1999 - In this 20 year old video on Internet with Jeff Bezos, Jeff strongly believes that there would be a lot of successful companies that would be born from the Internet and would have large market caps and it's very hard to…

This framework enables you to streamline and modernize the current software portfolio in anticipation of cloud migration.

We will be at the: "OSDBU 2019 Getting Back 2 Business" Small Business Outreach Event - Maryland

“During his time at Walmart, Yiannas led a proof of concept demonstration where the company was able to scan a package of mangoes and identify its source within two seconds. Under the previous paper-based system, it could’ve taken…

We will be at "2019 Loudoun Small Business Conference". See you at our Booth? via @Eventbrite

Our first booth at the AFCEA DHS Conference partnering with Roccomar Hilda Gigioli. Thanks to Elizabeth Moon and @katiehelwig1. #afcea #dhs #cloud7works

Just submitted proposal for GSA Cloud Adoption RFQ under Technology Transformation Services. #gsa #cloud7works

We will be at "DOT's Paving the Road for Women Owned Small Business in Federal Contracting". See you there? via @Eventbrite

Great deep dive from @joejoyce at Microsoft on Azure Active Directory and possible integrations to on-premises AD. #activedirectory #microsoftazure #integration #cloud7works

Quite impressed with Azure DevOps. Visual deployment, blessed build process for data governance, solid integrations, triggers for manual/automated verifications/ deployments and Azure cloud shell - shell access on cloud with pre-deployed azure cli, cloud…

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