AWS Professional Exam Prep - 01

I've been preparing for the AWS professional exam for the last 1 month and thought to blog my preparation and strategies here. I'm going to blog about

  1. AWS & All its services with main focus on
    1. What is the service about
    2. When to Use the service
    3. What are its best practices
    4. Use cases for the service with links to any video from AWS.
  2. 6 White papers as discussed in this exam blue print
  3. 6 Topics and notes on each topic as discussed in exam blue print.
  4. At the end I am going to take a practice exam.

To complete above 4, I am planning to keep 72 hours of time which includes the practice exam. Breakdown of hours as below

  1. 20 hours (Total 36 services; Some services I really know in-depth, so will allocate less time to it.)
  2. 12 hours (2 hours for each white paper)
  3. 30 hours (5 hours for each topic)

Currently I feel that I might fail the practice exam, but I believe it will expose me to what is needed to prepare for the exam. Also I've spent quite a bit of time on details for each service in AWS CSA exam. So this time I am going to focus more on architecture aspects and usability of aws services to applications. Some of the things I would like to do later are:

  1. Listen to aws videos on use cases of aws services to different applications/systems etc.,
  2. Read most of the white papers and customer white papers
  3. Cross check exam blue print to see if I have covered all the topics.

My exam is on 27th, so I am planning to take two practice tests one on 10/13 and one on 10/20. That's the plan. My mantra is: