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C7 AWS Workshop Series - EC2 & Related Benefits

In a series of cloud workshops, Cloud7Works is offering it's second AWS workshop on AWS . The workshop will focus on using below services of AWS, their best practices, and real world scenarios of using them:

  1. Amazon EC2 Essentials, and Fundamentals
  2. Managing Session State on ELB applications
  3. EC2 Instance Types and Purchasing Options
  4. AMI’s and use cases
  5. Public, private and elastic IP Addresses
  6. EC2 Userdata, metadata
  7. EC2 Storage Options
  8. Lab: Connecting to EC2 from SSH
  9. EBS Snapshots
  10. EC2 Placement Groups

These series of workshops could be used in preparing for either AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Developer.

Location: www.uberconference.com/gocloud

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