Customer Story 2

The Problem

No near real time data, and analytics into International Mail coming across the border.

The Solution

Recommended providing statistics that will help in effectively designing for Scalability, Performance and Capacity assessment for OnPremise as well as Cloud.

  • Block creation time in Blockchain.
  • No. of possible DPO’s in the ecosystem
  • Consortium rules of how to enroll a new DPO into the system and how to disable one automatically.
  • Usage of Key Management Service for Resiliency, and Management of keys for data encryption.
  • Centralized log for all authentications of users across the ecosystem in one place to track user logging, data flow and for security purposes.
  • Consortium rules such as who has access to Admin server and BAL Nodes and the process to obtain authorization for such.
  • Placement of Authority Nodes.
  • Define the edge cases and test for such.
  • Usage of SmartCheck for Static analysis of Solidity source code.
  • Usage of CI/CD pipeline.
  • Document the consortium rules for key stakeholders and define who starts, manages and removes various nodes in their topology and various other rules that effect the key players in the Blockchain model.
  • Automation of deployment of UI, BlockchainServer and geo-replication of data in NOSql nodes in the architecture.

  • Reduction in latency for detecting performance deviations